1. Soluble Cutting Oil
Technical Data Sheet

SOLUBLE CUTTING COOLANT 3390 is a low-oil content long life semi-synthetic metalworking coolant formulated for grinding,
drilling, cutting, forming and various other heavy duty applications. It is suitable for machining both ferrous and non-ferrous
based materials, including stainless steels and aluminium.
SOLUBLE CUTTING COOLANT 3390 exhibits low foaming tendencies and exceptional corrosion inhibition properties. The
addition of a multifunctional ester additive provides the lubricity properties for a great finishing. Fortified with bactericides and
fungicides, SOLUBLE CUTTING COOLANT 3390 also provides high resistance against bacterial and fungal growth.
SOLUBLE CUTTING COOLANT 3390 ensures low staining on the metal piece and is able to meet with modern day machining
demands as well as offering a clear workpiece visibility. The coolant offers a straightforward blending process by simply diluting
with water.