US Lube Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40

US Lube Low Ash Gas Engine Oil is a premium high-performance SAE 40 gas engine oil that is formulated from select high-quality, hydrotreated base stocks and an advanced technology additive system engineered to provide excellent protection. It exhibits exceptional chemical stability and resistance to oxidation and nitration and provides excellent anti-corrosion properties that prevent corrosive wear in cylinders.

Its balanced sulfated ash level reduces valve surface deposits and provides exceptional valve seat and face protection and reduces the wear and deposit formation in the critical valve guides of highly loaded turbocharged four-cycle engines.


  • Reduces engine wear and extends engine life.
  • Excellent protection under high-temperature operating conditions.
  • Low ash Formulation and improves spark low ash Formulation plug performance.
  • Outstanding detergency and dispersancy properties.

Suggestions & Approval

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