US Lube Racing 2T JASO FD

Fully Synthetic

Racing 2T is a top-performance fully synthetic lubricant for the superior protection of all two-stroke gasoline motors. It is specifically formulated to provide high levels of engine cleanliness, and low smoke. Minimizing spark plug fouling, port blacking and scuff formation. It maximizes rust protection and pre-ignition for optimum performance power. It is suitable for all popular makes of air-cooled motorcycle engines particularly for the high-performance motorcycle with oil injection systems that are designed for engines requiring JASO FC performance.

Racing 2T is suitable to use with pre-mixed petrol oil or separate oil injection systems. Therefore, it can be introduced directly into the petrol tank with no prior mixing required. The petrol-to-oil ratio should be in accordance with the engine manufacturer's recommendations.


  • Reduces exhaust smoke.
  • Cleans and complete combustion.
  • Longer spark plug life.
  • Superior engine protection.
  • Maximizing engine performance.

Suggestions & Approval

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