US Lube Velo Power 4T API SN JASO MB Series

Optimised for API SN & JASO MB Engines

US Lube Velo Power 4T is a high-performance four-stroke motorcycle engine oil that is specially designed for modern scooter engines with automatic transmission and dry clutch. As the scooter engines are compact and enclosed, they operate at higher temperatures and hence need specially designed oils since motorcycle oils may not provide adequate protection. It contains a balanced blend of select high-performance, high-viscosity index hydro-treated base stocks and a special proprietary additive package to ensure a smoother ride even in severe city stop-go driving conditions. The friction modifier used in this oil reduces engine friction leading to improved fuel economy.

US Lube Velo Power 4T motorcycle oil is a multigrade lubricant designed for four-stroke motorcycle engines. It meets/exceeds the requirements of the API SN and JASO MB for four-stroke engine oils. It can be used in most 4T JASO MB engines including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Kubota.


  • Reduces engine wear and extends engine life.
  • Low friction formula of the oil ensures a smoother ride.
  • Potential to provide fuel economy benefits.
  • Better thermo-oxidative stability encloses scooter engines operating at higher temperatures.

Suggestions & Approval

  • API SN
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