US Lube ATF MVH is a premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It is formulated with selected high viscosity index synthetic base stocks and the latest additive technology available that provides excellent service in a wide variety of North American, European, and Asian vehicles, such as specifically suitable for use Chrysler ATF+4, Mercedes 236, and Toyota T-IV.

US Lube ATF MVH is recommended for use in all GM vehicles DII, DIII(G), and DIII(H). It exceeds the published JASO 1A, Allison C4 or Caterpillar TO-2 fluid specifications and meets the requirements of Toyota Type T-V level of anti-shudder durability (ASD).


  • Provides excellent oxidation and thermal stability for longer life.
  • Superior wear protection to protect critical transmission components.
  • Excellent viscosity stability(high VI), application in a wild variety of Auto Transmission.
  • Much enhanced fluidity at very low-temperature service
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection.
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