US Lube Coolant Concentrate

US Lube Coolant Concentrate is a universal ethylene glycol-based antifreeze suitable for use in cooling systems of all types of liquid-cooled automotive like passenger cars, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles and industrial internal combustion engines. Provide excellent protection of the cooling system under extremes of cold weather. US Lube Coolant Concentrate protects all common cooling system metals including solder, copper, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminium.

When diluted 30~50% with water, US Lube Coolant Concentrate protects modem engine components from winter freezing and summer boil over. A 40% to 60% concentration range is suggested for optimum corrosion protection. US Lube Coolant Concentrate will act to prevent the cooling system from freezing over up to temperatures as low as -52°C.


  • Offered in a concentrated form for custom dilutions.
  • Use in both passenger cars and heavy-duty engines, including aluminum engines.
  • Prevents freezing over of automobile cooling systems up to — 52°C.
  • Protects most metals in cooling systems.
  • Drain interval is 1.0 — 1.5 years or 100,000 km.
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