US Lube Dynamics 15 API SM Series

Meets API SM Standards

US Lube Dynamic 15 Engine Oil is a new passenger car motor oil (PCMO) that delivers the latest development in lubricating oil technology to maximize protection for the newest gasoline-fueled engines. It meets the performance level of API SM and exceeds the most demanding requirements of modern engines' emission control and oil consumption standards. In today's energy-conscious era, US Lube Dynamic 15 Engine Oil is also formulated to improve fuel efficiency for consumers.


  • Exceeds the standards for gasoline and LPG/CNG engines.
  • Silky smooth operation for all high-performance engines.
  • Increases emission system durability and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Improves piston cleanliness and increases engine sludge protection.
  • Increases wear protection and extend service life.

Suggestions & Approval

  • API SM
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