US Lube Dynamics 5 API SF Series

Best for Gasoline & Diesel Engines

US Lube Dynamics 5 Engine Oil is a good value-for-money quality product that is suitable for both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. It contains a highly effective dispersant inhibitor that controls sludge and other contaminants generated during common urban stop-and-go or short-trip driving conditions.

Only a highly stable Viscosity Index Improver is used in the formulation of US Lube Dynamics 5 Engine Oil to provide consistent viscosity control and high temperature, high shear protection. Antiwear agents protect metal surfaces under high load and high-temperature operating conditions.


  • Provides good protection against engine wear.
  • High thermal stability for high-temperature turbo protection.
  • Constant lubrication whether hot or cold.
  • Minimizes varnish and sludge.

Suggestions & Approval

  • API SF
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