US Lube EDM 120 Series

EDM OIL 120 is a premium quality transparent Electrical-Discharge-Machine fluid. It offers excellent resistance to oxidation under the typical conditions of constant air exposure and high temperatures encountered during EDM work, thereby reducing sludge formation and increasing oil life. The viscosity of EDM OIL 120 allows for ready circulation of the fluid, even through narrow spark gaps, resulting in rapid dissipation of heat. EDM OIL 120 is also specially formulated to allow rapid settling of metal fragments before recirculation to prevent distortion of spark values and improve finish quality. This fluid is readily filterable and is non-corrosive. EDM OIL 120 is virtually colourless and odourless.

EDM OIL 120 has a high flash point that minimizes the possibility of fire during use, provided that normal safety measures are followed. It offers superior electrical discharge, uniform insulation and rapid deionisation of the fluid after eroding spark discharges.


  • Superior dielectric properties.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Colourless.
  • Odourless.
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