US Lube Engine Flush (No Solvent)

US Lube Engine Flush is manufactured by using a combination of carefully selected additives, and mineral base stock.

The low viscosity of the US Lube Engine Flush allows rapid circulation throughout the system with minimum pressure, leading to the most efficient removal of contaminants within the shortest period.

While flushing the system rapidly, the high-performance dispersant-type additive incorporated in the Engine Flush starts bonding, suspending and carrying the metallic particles, sludge carbon residue and other contaminants away from the system. With the low viscosity help, the Engine Flush can effectively clean the whole crankcase even in a small quantity, therefore, keeping the whole system clean before the next fill.

Pour the Engine Flush into the crankcase. Run the engine idly for 10-15 minutes. Drain out the waste oil.


  • Low viscosity, high efficiency.
  • Removes timely built deposits, grime and carbon in the system.
  • One small can for whole crankcase flushing.
  • Reduce the maintenance cost.
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