Mineral multipurpose gear oil formulated with advanced base oils and the latest technology additive system. It is both an automotive gear lubricant and industrial equipment extreme pressure lubricant. It has high thermal and oxidation stability, low pour point, and improved low temperature fluidity that delivers outstanding viscosity-temperature properties necessary for wide temperature range applications, optimised protection against thermal degradation and oxidation and wear and corrosion.

This product is applicable for heavy-duty manual transmissions, rear axles and industrial enclosed gears operating under severe conditions. These include worm gears where operations require lubricants with relatively high viscosity and excellent load carrying capability, and conditions where a wide temperature range, extreme pressures and shock loading are expected.


  • Proven gear protection in low and high-speed conditions
  • Reduce costs associated with seasonal oil changes
  • Easier low temperature starting
  • Wide multi-purpose capability

Suggestions & Approval

  • API GL-5
  • GB 13895
  • MIL L-2105-E
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