Hydrotreated automotive gear oil manufactured from selected, highly refined base oil and blended with friction modifier that is an ashless oil-soluble friction reducer for use in automotive gear oil with limited slip performance. This combination creates a product with excellent chemical and thermal stability over a wide range of temperature.

This product is designed to provide top-tier performance under extremely high pressure (EP Condition) by utilizing the core Sulfur-Phosphorus EP Technology. This advanced chemistry allows it to be able to withstand the super high loads between the teeth of hypoid gear sets commonly found in modern vehicles’ transmission system. This product also provides excellent thermal stability and corrosion resistance, as well as anti-foaming abilities to suppress excess forming. The superior sulfur / phosphorus additive is fully compatible with seals and gaskets.


  • Proven gear protection in low and high speed conditions
  • Reduces costs associated with seasonal oil changes
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Superior sulfur phosphorus additives

Suggestions & Approval

  • API GL-5
  • API MT-1
  • MERITOR 0-76A IN SAE 85W140
  • MERITOR 0-76D IN SAE 80W90
  • FORD WSP-M2C197A IN SAE 80W90
  • MIL PRF-2105E
  • SAE J2360
  • ZF TE ML-07 A
  • ZF TE ML-08
  • Drain-and-Fill
  • High Temp. L37 Capable
  • Limited Slip
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