US Lube Hydraulic Oil AWX Series

US Lube Hydraulic Oils AWX offer state-of-the-art formulations that produce a line of universal anti-wear long-life hydraulic oils having all the wear preventive characteristics required for the most severe of applications, including high-pressure vane pumps. It is formulated with an ashless and zinc-free additive package that makes it suitable for pump containing steel-on-bronze lubrication surfaces and silver plates.

US Lube Hydraulic Oils AWX possess excellent thermal and oxidative stability. They can function for much longer operational periods without forming sludge, varnish or other degradation products, which adversely affect the operation and performance of today’s modern hydraulic system components and filtration systems.

US Lube Hydraulic Oils AWX has excellent hydrolytic stability, providing protection to all hydraulic system components even in the presence of moisture. Additives used in some hydraulic oils break down under conditions of high temperature and moisture to form acids that can attack copper and its alloys such as brass and bronze.


  • Highly resistant to oxidation that would result in sludge formation.
  • Resists foaming and aeration that could result in erratic equipment operation and increased oxidation.

Suggestions & Approval

  • Denison HF-0, HF-1, and HF-2
  • Jeffry No. 87
  • Ford M-61C13227 13
  • U.S Steel 127, 136
  • Cincinnati Machine P- 68 ( ISO 32)
  • Cincinnati Machine P- 70 ( ISO 46)
  • Cincinnati Machine P- 69 ( ISO 68)
  • Vickers M-2590-S
  • Vickers |-286-S
  • Lee Norse 100-1
  • General Motor LH-04-1
  • General Motor LH-06-1
  • General Motor LH-15-1
  • B.F. Goodrich
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