IRONCOAT DWF A20 is a solvent-based, water-displacing fluid that results in a thin, waxy film rust preventive compound offering exceptional salt spray protection. DWF A20 works by displacing water from the metal and creating a protective barrier between the metal and the atmosphere. It offers medium-term protection of ferrous and aluminium alloy components during storage and transit and is particularly suitable for the protection of highly machined precision parts where heavy films are not desirable.

DWF A20 can offer protection for approximately 6 months of outdoor and 4 years of indoor storage. Protection length is dependent on weather conditions and storage location. Depending on the size or type of workpiece to be treated, DWF A20 is recommended to be applied by dipping or brushing. The thin oily film does not hamper subsequent machining operations.


  • Sheds water contamination rapidly and completely.
  • Non-staining, safe for use on coiled or stacked metals.
  • Thin oily coating, no need for subsequent removal.
  • Free of barium and other heavy metals.
  • Best used for workpieces in transit between machining operations.
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