US Lube Metax T2 API CD/SF Series

US Lube Metax T2 engine oil is specially formulated to address the need for an economic product that possesses strong performance for the often heavily loaded diesel engines of the past generation.

US Lube Metax T2 engine oil's viscosity and TBN value are optimized to enhance its performance at high temperatures now commonly encountered in today's more powerful diesel engines. With an exceptionally high viscosity index, US Lube Metax T2 engine oil gives a better viscosity response towards temperature changes and therefore the engines can start much easier and oil can reach critical engine parts faster when the engine starts. The enriched and improved detergent contained in the US Lube Metax T2 engine oil also reduces high-temperature carbon deposits significantly, which in turn decreases oil consumption in long run. A higher base number of the product neutralizes acidic materials created during fuel combustion for the longer run resulting in better protection from corrosion.


  • Promotes engine protection.
  • Recommended for both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Maintains engines at design operating temperature.
  • Contains anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives.
  • Reduces oil consumption.

Suggestions & Approval

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