US Lube MV Rock Drill Oil Series

US Lube MV Rock Drill Oils are a blend of highly refined base oils and special additives which produce a superior lubricant for air-powered equipment. The naturally high viscosity index provides optimum lubrication for both low start-up temperatures and high operational temperatures. Extreme pressure additives prevent wear and withstand the high loads commonly encountered in rock drills, jackhammers and other pneumatic equipment.

US Lube MV Rock Drill Oils contain tackiness agents that permit them to tenaciously adhere to cylinder walls and other lubricated parts. They are also fortified with extreme pressure additives that protect rock drills against wear caused by load shocks.

US Lube MV Rock Drill Oils are specially developed for use in all types of pneumatic equipment. They are recommended for rock drills, jackhammers, paving breakers, pile drivers, air tools and other pneumatic equipment.


  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Excellent dispersancy properties.
  • Washout resistant.
  • Protect against rust and corrosion.
  • Contains Organomolybdenum complex friction modifier.
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