US Lube Star Marine TBN 15

US Lube Star Marine TBN 15 lubricant is specially formulated engine oil for lubricating medium-speed trunk piston medium-speed diesel engines on board ships, coastal vessels, and tugboats as well as land-based stationary power generation equipment. US Lube Star Marine TBN 15 lubricant is suitable for use in engines burning residual fuels with a fuel sulfur content of up to 1.5% sulfur.

US Lube Star Marine TBN 15 lubricant contains a balanced additive composition used in conjunction with highly refined base oils to produce a product which imparts useful performance characteristics such as high load-carrying capacity, good detergency and dispersancy properties, excellent rust and corrosion protection for all engine parts and strong alkalinity reserve to neutralize acids formed from the combustion of distillate fuels.

US Lube Star Marine TBN 15 is compatible with all medium-speed trunk-piston engine marine lubricants sold in the market and can be used for lubricating gear transmissions, turbo-chargers, oil-lubricated stern tubes and other shipboard machinery.


  • Good oxidation stability.
  • Good load-bearing capacity.
  • Good water shedding properties.
  • Rust and oxidation protection.
  • Strong acid-neutralizing properties.
  • Compatible with other competitive lubricants.
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