US Lube UNISOL EP 2 Series

UNISOL EP 2 is a new generation of biostable emulsions with high oil content. It is a stable soluble semi-synthetic cutting fluid that produces a milky emulsion when mixed with water. UNISOL EP 2 is fortified with chlorinated extreme-pressure additives to provide superior performance on more difficult operations.

UNISOL EP 2 is designed for use on a wide variety of materials including cast iron, mild steels, stainless steels and other difficult alloys. It is also suitable for water qualities with hardness values ranging between 50 to 350 ppm calcium and has a low foaming tendency.

UNISOL EP 2 is free from Nitrites, PTBBA and Phenols.


  • 4 - 6% dilution is suggested for general machining.
  • 6 - 10% dilution is recommended for difficult machining.
  • 3 - 5% dilution is recommended for grinding.
  • Contains EP additives.
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