US Lube Washable Textile Oil Series

US Lube Washable Textile Oil is a premium-grade, specially-designed product that can be used for lubricating knitting machines.

Containing highly refined base oil plus high performance, specially selected lubricity agent and emulsifier. US Lube washable textile oil is an essential light colour and can give exceptional antiwear protection to the machine parts. The compounded emulsifier system effectively removes the oil stain from the textile by emulsifying with water and thus makes the oil completely washable.

US Lube Washable Textile Oil is available in four viscosity grades for different lubrication requirements. It can be used widely for circular or tricot machine operations by spray, bath, or mist application.


  • Special EP agent gives the best anti-wear protection.
  • Very light colour and totally washable.
  • Light viscosity ensures smooth operations.
  • Maximizing knitting machine performance.
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