US Lube Chain and Bar Oil Series

US Lube Chain and Bar Oil is a tacky lubricant designed for lubrication of the chain, bar and sprocket on all types of chainsaws and chain-driven machinery. It is formulated with high-quality paraffinic base oils and additives to optimize performance. Anti-wear agents reduce metal-to-metal contact wear between the drive sprocket, the bar guide and the moving chain. Highly effective tackiness agent to resist throw-off during operation. Tight control of viscosity allows for better calibration of oiling rates, and cleaning agents reduce the amount of pitch build-up on various parts.

US Lube Chain and Bar Oil are applicable for all brands of chain saws - including today’s high-performance and industrial saws, as well as older models. ISO 68(SAE 20) is recommended for winter conditions when temperatures are consistently below 0°C. ISO 100(SAE 30) is used for cool weather conditions of 15-0°C to help assure a proper flow from either hand-operated or automatic chain oilers. ISO 150(SAE 40) and ISO 220(SAE 50) are good choice for use in mild climates and provide excellent wear protection under hot weather operating conditions.


  • Tacky additives reduce throw or fling off
  • Special additive system reduces the wear of components.
  • Flushes chips, dust and sap from the working surfaces.
  • Blades remain sharper for longer periods.
  • Provides corrosion protection to chain and bar.
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