US Lube EST Chain Oil Series

US Lube EST Chain Oil is specially formulated with fully synthetic ester base oil that enables it to provide excellent lubricating properties even at very high temperatures. It provides maximum operating reliability with optimum wear & oxidation protections.

US Lube EST Chain Oil is essential with a very high flash point that minimizes any fire hazard. The very low volatility characteristic also enables less oil consumption and less deposit forming that leaves no harmful carbon deposit behind. Its unique formulation provides good adhesiveness even at escalated high temperatures and good properties to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and rust.

US Lube EST Chain Oil can be used in the system with operating temperatures as high as 250 °C while ensuring high operating reliability and low maintenance expenses on the conveyor system. Its extremely low pour point properties also make it suitable for use in low-temperature work environments such as cold rooms.


  • Excellent thermo-stability.
  • Forms no carbon deposit.
  • Excellent adhesiveness.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion.
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