US Lube Spindle Oil

US Lube Spindle Oil is a premium grade, severely refined oil-based extra low viscosity product specially for lubricating high-speed spindles in knitting machines.

Adopting highly refined special grade base oil, Spindle oil is naturally in low odour and viscosity that is essential to be used to lubricate the lightly loaded spindles that rotated at a very high speed and give a good finish to the textile. Results in reduced operating temperature and much less machine or operation break down.

Spindle oil is available in viscosity grade 10 for optimized lubrication requirements. It can be used widely for most high-speed, light-duty spindles found in most types of textile machines.


  • Special-grade base oil also gives good oil film protection.
  • Very light colour and low odour.
  • Light viscosity ensures smooth operations.
  • Maximizing knitting machine performance.
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