US Lube Fully Ester Compressor Oil Series

US Lube Fully Ester Compressor Oil is an advanced reciprocating air compressor lubricant and is based on specially selected synthetic ester fluids. It incorporates the latest additive technology to provide the highest possible performance. US Lube Fully Ester Compressor Oil is resistant to the formation of carbon deposits caused by the by-products of corrosion such as ferric oxides and hydroxides, at high working temperatures and pressures.

US Lube Fully Ester Compressor Oil enables the normal valve maintenance period, typically between 250 and 1000 hours of operation using conventional mineral oils, to be extended to 2000, or even 4000 hours. US Lube Fully Ester Compressor Oil effectively protects all metal surfaces from corrosion. Protects all sensitive machinery parts, e.g. gears, screws, and bearings, from wear and prolongs the service intervals.

However, it may not be compatible with seals, paints, plastics, and on, found in systems designed for petroleum oils. Where doubt exists, the equipment manufacturer should be consulted concerning compatibility with ester base lubricants.


  • Excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Excellent water separation properties.
  • Outstanding performance in all operating conditions.
  • Extended service intervals.
  • Excellent rusting and wear protection.
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