US Lube Synthetic Compressor Oil (GP3) Series

US Lube Synthetic Compressor Oil is designed for use in air compressors and high-temperature circulating systems where freedom from deposit formation and extra-long drain intervals are desired. Formulated from tailor-made fully synthetic base stocks and reinforced with carefully selected additives, US Lube Synthetic Compressor Oil is resistant to oxidation at all operating temperatures, thereby minimizing the formation of acidic oxidation products that can lead to system corrosion and reduced oil life. The naturally extra-high viscosity index provides stable viscosity characteristics and maintenance of a tough fluid film, even at high operating temperatures.


  • Effective anti-oxidation action.
  • Minimizes deposit formation.
  • Superior anti-wear properties.
  • Outstanding anti-rust and corrosion properties.
  • Widest usable temperature range.
  • Will allow the oils drain interval up to 6000* hours with normal operating temperature.*Service hours values may differ according to operating parameters and temperatures, including the maintenance status of the compressor.

Suggestions & Approval

  • DIN 51506 VDL specifications
  • Suitable for the following types of compressors:
    (1) Screw Compressor
    (2) Piston and Reciprocating Compressor
    (3) Vacuum Pump Compressor
    (4) Airman
    (5) Various Japanese Brand Compressor
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