US Lube Hydro Compressor Oil Series

US Lube Hydro Compressor Oils are hydro-treated based fluids designed for use in air compressors and high-temperature circulating systems where freedom from deposit formation is desired. Formulated from highly refined hydrocracked base stocks, US Lube Hydro Compressor Oil is resistant to oxidation, thereby minimizing the formation of acidic oxidation products that can lead to system corrosion and reduced oil life. The naturally high viscosity index of the base fluid provides stable viscosity characteristics and maintains a tough fluid film, even at high operating temperatures.

US Lube Hydro Compressor Oil, incorporating the latest technology, will allow the oils drain interval of up to 4000 hours with normal operating temperature. In more severe applications, it will provide up to 800 hours with operating temperatures above 100°C. This has been proven in a wide range of compressor types, operating under harsh conditions Lube Hydro Compressor Oils extended 1 to 2 times longer than ordinary compressor oil life.


  • Effective detergent action.
  • Minimizes deposit formation.
  • Superior anti-wear properties.
  • Resists oxidation.

Suggestions & Approval

  • DIN 51506 VDL specifications
  • Suitable for the following type of compressors:
    (1) Screw Compressor
    (2) Piston and Reciprocating Compressor
    (3) Vacuum Pump Compressor
    (4) Airman
    (5) Various Japanese Brand Compressor
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